By Beau 酒窝 installation

谈到2017年Pronovias新娘时装秀的灯光时,灯光设计师David Monguet知道他还需要一些额外的东西,这可以使节目停下来… And so, making it’在舞台上首次亮相,我们介绍ByBeau’s 酒窝.


Pronovias 2017新娘系列在西班牙巴塞罗那的发布,反映了婚纱的含义。在神奇的亲密氛围中distilled绕的心神,在令人叹为观止的奇观中suspended绕。努力营造一个美丽的背景,增强并炫耀令人惊叹的婚纱,表演的灯光吸引了来自灯光设计师David Monguet,ByBeau的Beau McClellan,LEDScontrol的Rebeca Sanchez和Studio Cortes的Sarah Cortes的才华和见识。

Working together, the team looked to capture the emotion of ‘that’ moment, ‘that’ dress underneath a shimmering sky of light that makes use of ByBeau’s 酒窝 installation –由博麦克莱伦(Beau McClellan)设计的模块化照明系统,并由Climar在其HAB50 R上进行了全面制造,制造和测试,可在展会前进行预编程。&D在葡萄牙的工厂。

Born from contrasting inspirations, 酒窝 is an interpretation of both dramatic engineering spectacle and the most intimate of emotions.

酒窝’其根源在于麦克莱伦(McClellan)较早的项目Reflective Flow,该项目由手工研磨的晶体组成,每个晶体均由凹面玻璃覆盖,并涂有独特的反射涂层。这个闪闪发光的机身背后看不见的是一个先进的系统,可单独控制LED。每个晶体都是完全独立的,以产生颜色,形状和光线变化的潮流。当被照亮时,反射面变得完全或半透明,并以无与伦比的运动表现形式被光波充满活力地爆发。独特的感官表达。

酒窝 incorporates similar upgraded features, a plug and play RGBW chip, specially designed for its unique palate of colours and to give total control over each unit – giving true interactivity; with different moods and ambiences reactive to a range of stimuli. Different temperatures and movements are interpreted and expressed by 酒窝 to create an art installation of unlimited variability. When turned on, the two-way mirror-coated finish unveils an extra interior hand-blown glass ball.

说话 达克 about the collaborative process for the Pronovias show, McClellan said: “The introduction with Pronovias came through Rebeca, she’s an old friend and we have worked on other installations together over the years. When she got the phone call from Pronovias’ lighting designer David Monguet, she immediately thought of 酒窝 and it moved from there really.

“I had never really thought about 酒窝 being used on a stage, so in that sense this project was really unique. 酒窝 was originally designed as a 订制 piece but the fact it can also be used as an amazing set piece or in its simplest form as a single pendant light, really shows its potential.

“The brief was the sky, in keeping with the title of the show, and we had about a month to pull everything together. The number of 酒窝s required kept increasing – we started with just 500, then it jumped to 1,000 and we ended up with 1,500 for the final installation. At this point we hadn’t ever designed 酒窝 as a rental kit so we also had to design flight cases so it could be transported safely and built up quickly. We really had to consider how it was all going to work logistically.

“Once we had decided on the number of 酒窝s required, we then had to look at what was required for the catwalk and considered lots of different designs. Getting it right and making a final decision before we shipped to the venue was key, as we didn’t want to have to start changing things once on site –此外,Rebeca还需要最终的完整3D模型进行编程。一切都必须在Climar建造’s cutting edge R&D department HAB50 in Portugal first. This is also where the hanging structure for the 酒窝 installation was developed.


The 酒窝 installation created specifically for Pronovias, reflects the brand’s message of luxury and glamour. The idea of using a light installation was something very new for a catwalk show, as the lighting is usually hidden in the 天花板, so for McClellan, this project has really opened up the possibilities of incorporating 酒窝 on stage.

At the start of the fashion show the audience were presented with the 酒窝 installation at stage level, hovering just a few centimetres above the mirrored catwalk 地板, before being lifted up so the dresses could take centre stage.

“A couple of things happened during set up that made us realise the full potential of 酒窝,” continued McClellan. “When we started working with David we discovered that 酒窝’s mirror-coated finish absorbs light as well as reflecting it, so this brought a different dimension again – it became something really spectacular as David used moving heads to externally light the 酒窝s so we could change the colour – what could be achieved by combining all the different elements was amazing.”

Having been awarded a Design Plus Award at this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt, and Best Decorative Lighting product at the 2015 达克 awards, this latest collaboration with one of the top international bridal designers, is further reinforcement of 酒窝’s unique qualities and versatility.

McClellan说:“ 机选双色球是实现的大规模协作产品,在这里,对于Pronovias来说,它需要多学科的管理,包括David Monguet和Studio Cortes这样的专家来创建宏伟的舞台灯光和布景设计。

All of this working towards capturing the emotion of the moment, stunningly demonstrated as each beautiful dress was presented underneath a shimmering sky of 酒窝 stars.”